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Harnessing the Power of Communities to Advance the Circular Economy 

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Strategic System Solutions, LLC (SSS) helps communities become more sustainable by leveraging their enthusiasm to reuse and recycle.  Consumers care more about sustainable solutions than they did five years ago - and that trend will continue. 


For New Jersey Municipalities, recycling can both increase revenue and reduce expense 

  • The more non-recyclable waste that’s created, the bigger the tax burden for its processing

  • The more a community correctly recycles, the more revenue it gets from state tonnage grants and clean material sales

SSS collaborates with New Jersey municipalities, where recycling reduces expense, increases revenue, and makes residents happy. SSS also collaborates with users of recycled material, to increase the supply of post-consumer recycled material (PCR) that's available to them.  

Strategic System Solutions is harnessing the power of

communities to get more recycled materials to the

manufacturers that use them

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