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Job Description: Community Engagement Associate

Business-savvy, sales-oriented, very part time Community Engagement Associates needed for a small New Jersey-based business that’s focused on increasing reuse of materials and engagement in the Circular Economy.


The Community Engagement Associate will focus on his or her town and neighboring towns, and inspire people to embrace reuse initiatives. The tools that the Community Engagement Associate uses will include one-to-one communication, social media posts, and participation in community meetings and events.

The Community Engagement Associate may be asked to play other roles here and there, but will have the option of rejecting roles that are outside of the scope of the Community Engagement role that’s described above.

At the start the position will be limited to 5 to 10 hours a month. Hours may grow, but the Community Engagement Associate will be welcome to limit work hours to whatever amount is comfortable for him or her. This is a W-2 position that pays $25/hr.


If you’re interested in this role, Contact Us and tell us what interests you most about the role. If you have related life or work experience, and/or social media skills tell us! But, if you’re an extrovert with passion for sustainability, that may be enough to join the team. We look forward to hearing from you.

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